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The MCU Needs Marvel 2099

marvel 2099



Will we ever see Marvel’s 2099 in the MCU? 

Marvel 2099, also known as Earth-928, could be fertile ground for a new direction of MCU stories. Granted, we have seen Spider-Man 2099 in the post-credits scene of Into the Spider-Verse, but nothing has come from it other than some classic memes. 

The thing is, the 2099 universe is ripe with characters and stories that could make for great additions to the MCU, either in live action or animated.


Even the casual Spider-Man fans are likely to at least recognize Spider-Man 2099. Not only was he teased in Spider-Verse, but the classic 2099 costume has been featured in different video games, and there are even mass-produced Halloween costumes of the suit (complete with foam muscles). Personally, this is my second-favorite Spider-Man costume next to everyone’s favorite black symbiote suit.

While Spider-Man 2099 is by far the most famous resident of Earth-928, there is so much more there. 


The backstory is nothing we haven’t seen before in one form or another. The United States has been ravaged by another civil war, this time between humans and mutants, and it has left the country in turmoil. Much of the U.S. is uninhabitable, and California has dropped into the Pacific Ocean as a result of the human-mutant war.

The war took heavy tolls on both sides, and the remaining mutants are in hiding. In true futuristic-dystopian fashion, the rich managed to get richer to the point that the billion-dollar corporations even have their own private police force. That leads to a large amount of civil unrest that is the perfect environment to breed futuristic vigilantes.


Inside this wasteland of the future, we are treated to the exploits of Miguel O’Hara as this world’s Spider-Man after experiments to replicate the original. Due to the awesome costume, Spider-Man 2099 became the most prominent of the 2099 titles from the start. However, Doom 2099 would climb to second in the popularity polls after he was introduced into the Earth-616 timeline as he attempted to change time and prevent the main timeline from becoming Earth-928. 

Along with Spider-Man and Doom, there were other Earth-616 counterparts who got a rad makeover for 2099, including the Hulk, Ghost Rider, the X-Men, and the Punisher. Even an evil Captain America would surface in 2099, doing the bidding of the megacorporations in their bid to unseat Doom from power.


Those original Marvel 2099 titles from 1992 were overall short lived, though Spider-Man 2099 would keep the franchise alive in three volumes of his own series and spinoffs. Since then, the brand has held onto its ‘90s nostalgia and 2004 saw a brief resurgence with 2099 versions of Black Panther and Daredevil.

Things went dormant for over a decade until it was given new life as part of the 2015 crossover, Secret World. As part of Battle World, God Emperor Doom created a corner of his universe for Earth-928. Four years later, Marvel would give the franchise another chance, producing titles such as Fantastic Four and Venom 2099 and even a Conan 2099, which sounds odd yet intriguing. 

With Spider-Man 2099 keeping Earth-928 from fading into obscurity, there is always a chance that something more is coming for Marvel 2099. A live-action Spider-Man 2099 Disney+ series has been heavily rumored for the past year. While that is not on the current slate of shows, there is nothing that indicates Marvel Studios is not considering reviving Earth-928 and its charmingly-1990s cast of superheroes for the small screen. 



Although not a comic, 1991’s Marvel Annual Report did feature a six-page story that included a cameo of 2099’s Spider-Man, Doom, Ravage, and Punisher in a single panel. Since this is not considered canon, necessarily, it is not recognized as the true first appearance of the 2099 characters, but it is an interesting piece of Earth-928 history to collect.

Want one for your 2099 set? These typically sell on eBay for about $50.

If you are looking to collect all those first advertisements, you will also want to collect Web of Spider-Man #90, which had a two-page ad that teased the debut of Spider-Man 2099. Even better is the July 1992 Marvel Previews catalog. Those Previews issues have become much more popular in the collecting world since the first cover appearance of Miles Morales soared. In the July ‘92 edition, you will find the first cover appearance of Spider-Man 2099 advertising the character’s debut series.

Need those two? Web of Spider-Man #90 graded at a 9.8 is up to a $70 fair market value over the past 90 days, and there is a second print that last sold for $55 in November. As far as that 1992 Marvel Previews, those have sold on eBay for anywhere from $20-$50.


Does it get anymore ‘90s than a hologram cover? Classic ‘90s hoopla. Besides the hologram, this issue’s claim to fame is a five-page preview of Spider-Man 2099 #1. There is some debate here as collectors can’t agree on whether or not this is Miguel O’Hara and Earth-928’s true first appearance or if this is more or less another advertisement. However, if you judge by FMVs, then ASM #365 is the clear favorite.

The 9.8 just reached a new record high after one brought $350 on March 6. Before that, two sales on February 28 cracked the $300, so these are heating up. 

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1

Setting all the advertisements and the previews aside, Spider-Man 2099 #1 is the first time readers were given an in-story look at Miguel O’Hara and the futuristic mayhem of Earth-928. Featuring this Spider-Man in full regala on the cover propelled this issue to large sales numbers in 1992, and it was soon followed by other 2099 titles. Marvel would later change Miguel’s costume, as they always do, but his original blue and red skeleton suit will always be the best. 

The standard cover at a 9.8 currently averages $100. There hasn’t been a sale for a graded 9.8 of the foil cover since 2013, and it brought $50 back then. Adjust for inflation, and it will easily match the standard cover’s FMV. The real money lies in the newsstand edition; one sold for $1,000 last month.

DOOM 2099 #1

Aside from Miguel O’Hara and his beautiful Spidey suit, the 2099 Doctor Doom is the other character you will want to keep an eye on. Since Marvel had enough faith in him to bring him into the main continuity’s Earth-616, it stands to reason that he would be next in line behind Spider-Man 2099 to be considered for the MCU. 

It is a good time to be a buyer searching for Doom 2099’s first appearance. After earning $100 on average last year, the past two sales have been for less than $70.


Will we ever see a full-blown Marvel 2099 in some shape or form on screen? It is clear that Spider-Man 2099 is coming one way or another, but there is a question mark over the rest of Earth-928. Still, if Miguel O’Hara makes a big enough impact on mainstream audiences, then that could give rise to Doom 2099 and the rest of the gang.

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He is also a teacher, freelance writer, comic collector, and an international man of mystery. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog.

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