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Frankie's Blog — Gwenverse

"Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse" Makes a Pretty, If Confusing, Debut

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"Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse" Makes a Pretty, If Confusing, Debut

Written by Angela Rairden Spider-Gwen is one of my favorite Spider-people, mostly because I’ve always loved Gwen Stacy. Actually, if I’m being completely honest, I’m a big fan of all of Peter Parker’s love interests – I guess he has good taste or something. However, there’s something about the role reversal of the uber smart Gwen becoming Spider-Gwen instead of Peter that really appeals to me. Not to mention, her spider suit is really slick-looking. Therefore, when I picked up Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #1, I didn’t expect to find it as disappointing as I did. The official Marvel description for this...

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