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Frankie's Top 10 Comic List

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 My name is Jack DeMayo Aka Mr. Bolo and I am the newest writer on The Frankie's Blog team. Kevin has tasked me with the special assignment to bring all of you a Top 10 Comics native to this very site. This isn't a task I take lightly but one I am very excited to begin.  We will be going bi weekly to start,  releasing The Top 10 list of hottest, trending,and most talked about comics in the community today!   



A brand new #1 from Mad Cave Studios, Nottingham came out the gate strong selling out at retailers online and rising to $20. The thing a lot of flippers missed was Mad Caves webstore had copies for cover most of release day. This one is still rising with the last few sales hitting almost $35. 

I am not sure if this is residual heat from the current Spawn wave or anticipation for a MCU  appearance now that Thor has gone cosmic. Raws are solidly selling at a fast rate at $10-15 with high grade raw hitting $25-30. 


A week after release and Matt Kindts Eniac is still going strong. Foe all the talk on the marketing and distribution of Bad Idea, let's not overlook the fact that the book is getting solid reader reviews. That is delivering on hype. 


A cult favorite that fans are clamoring to see in the MCU, Beta Ray Bill's 1st has always been a go to spec book. This week saw several sales and prices climb to $90 raw. 


The first Omega Red continues to be a book that heats up every few months. Even if your pessimistic about the villains potential MCU appearance,  you could buy on a lull and wait for a time like now as copies are selling for $30-40. 

This book is on the rise as the rumor mill keeps churning surrounding a black Superman movie. This book not being the 1st Appearance begs the question why it? My conjecture would be that the cover image for Action comics #9 is the one shown on most media articles on the subject. That carries more weight than most investors realize.  

Similar to what the secondary market saw with those Dr. Suess books that will no longer be in production,  Pepe Lepew made headlines with news Warner Bros cut the character from Space Jam 2 and won't move forward with him. This Starfire variant is hitting $50 raw just a week after being almost unsellable. 


This book always seems like it can't go higher, then it does. The record for 9.8 ($635 and $675) was broken twice this week alone. This book just doesn't stop climbing. The fan base continues to grow and every feature article on this book always seems to show this cover. That matters in the long run and is why there is a disparity is price between this and the open order variants 

This is THE blue chip book of this modern generation. 9.8 prices have been rising all week from $2300 to over $3000. Even popular YouTube Mel V openly talked about dropping $3k on a 9.8 this week! 


I have been trying to spread the good word of Canto ever since I saw it in previews. I am going long on this one so even though prices are spiking to $150 raw, I am in #hodl mode. If you feel like you missed out, have no fear, there are several first appearances in later issues. 


Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Investor and Influencer. He is also a Freelance writer for one37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog. For more Bolo content, be sure to follow the  following social accounts:

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