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“Grim” Offers a Unique Twist on a Familiar Theme

BOOM Studios comic reviews Flaviano Grim review Stephanie Phillips

“Grim” Offers a Unique Twist on a Familiar Theme

Written by Angela Rairden Boom Studios’ Grim is exactly my type of comic. It’s horror with a splash of humor, a dash of sexiness, and an unexpected plot twist right in the first issue. Written and created by Stephanie Phillips, who’s currently doing a bang-up job writing Harley Quinn over at DC, with truly gorgeous art by co-creator Flaviano (Power Man and Iron Fist, I Am Groot) Grim is the tale of grim reaper Jessica Harrow. Tasked with ushering the newly dead across the River Styx (if that’s what you want to call it), Jessica’s boredom and disillusionment about her...

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