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Is Mephisto the MCU's Next Thanos?

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Could Mephisto be behind Wanda and Vision’s surreal sitcom trip? Or is he waiting to torment Loki on Disney+? There are plenty of theories on the lips of comic prognosticators, and it is spelling big dollars for those devilish keys.

Marvel’s very own trademarked Satan could be lurking in the shadows of the MCU, and that has made him one of the hottest characters in all of comics. 


There is speculation that Mephisto could be on Disney+ and even in the box office blockbusters in the near future. The Verge has a theory that Mephisto is being used to connect all of the latest MCU phase to Doctor Strange, which includes pulling in Scarlet Witch and Vision, Spider-Man, and even the Fantastic Four. Here are some of the better theories for Marvel’s Satan.


This is the theory that lit the Mephisto fires across the internet. In WandaVision, the idea is that when Agnes took Wanda to meet the resident queen of the neighborhood, Dottie, she was actually introducing Scarlet Witch to a disguised Mephisto. Read more about that theory at Screenrant


There are not too many details about Loki’s Disney+ series aside from the first trailer, but it appears the Norse God of Mischief will be dealing with the Devil at some point. During the trailer, Loki is standing in front of a stained glass window with what clearly is a portrait of Satan himself, or rather Mephisto.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been the source of Mephisto speculation since last year’s announcement. While nothing has been confirmed, the idea is that Doctor Strange and Marvel’s resident devil will meet up in the multiverse. These two are such a natural pairing that it would seem like a waste not to pit them against one another, but Kevin Feige and company could be saving that match up for Marvel’s next grand culmination of phases. That leads me to my next point.


I will stray from the beaten path and offer a theory of my own: Mephisto will be connected to Blade. He may even be at the crux of the story and could easily be used as a storytelling device to introduce vampires and all manner of supernatural creatures to the MCU. This could also help establish an onscreen version of the Midnight Sons, a team of horror-themed characters such as Helstrom, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Blade, and Werewolf by Night.


Mephisto’s key issues have a huge upside. Could Marvel Studios be looking to him to fill Thanos’ shoes? Considering the rumors, that is a strong possibility, and it could have his key issues driving upward for years if that is the case. Now is the time to invest your dollars, and here are four key issues to get you started.


Personally, I never would have expected Mephisto to begin his comic existence as a Silver Surfer foil. Considering his magical and religious implications, I would have thought he would have been a Doctor Strange villain from the onset, but they did not meet - as best I can tell - until Tomb of Dracula #44 from 1972. 

Business is booming for SS #3, and the low grades tell the tale. A year ago, the 2.5 was a $157 comic on average. Now it has ballooned to $260, and the last sale was for $275. When a lowly 2.5 is bordering on $300, you know this is a seriously hot book.


Did this issue need an excuse to get any more expensive? SS #4 has long been one of the most coveted issues from the first volume of Silver Surfer. Not only does it feature Surfer’s first meeting with Thor and fantastic John Buscema cover artwork, but it had a relatively low print run to boot. Now, it gets an added bonus for collectors as this also marked the second appearance of Mephisto. 

Across the board, the copies of SS #4 are setting the market on fire. Every grade that has sold in the past 90 days has made gains in the FMV department. Again, look at the low grades for the testament to this issue’s popularity, which is only growing by the day. The lowest graded copy sold so far this year has been the 4.0, and it last sold for $550. Two years ago, that same 4.0 was a $300 comic. 


A year after appearing in Silver Surfer #8, Mephisto would grace his second cover in SS #16. It would be his fourth overall appearance, which makes this a minor key issue. On the plus side, that minor status keeps this issue fairly cheap, and you get an early cover appearance of what could be the premiere villain in all of Marvel.

Like everything connected to Mephisto, this issue is on the move, but it is still much cheaper than those first two appearances. For the most part, you can get anything in the mid-grades for less than $200 all the way up to an 8.5. When the grade moves into the near-mint range, the price tag gets a bit steeper. A 9.0 recently sold for $275 after it averaged $180 in 2020. If Mephisto is indeed the next Thanos for the MCU, that will be a bargain compared to where prices could go.


The writing is literally on the wall for Mephisto. Sure, he was featured in Agents of SHIELD, but we could be on the verge of seeing an entirely new take on the character. At this point, it would seem foolish not to invest in at least SS #16.

Needing more Mephisto to warm your soul during these cold winter months? Comic Herald has a reading order just for you. 

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