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Coming Soon: Frankie's Reviews

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Frankie’s Comics will be bringing weekly comic reviews to the blog starting this week. 

From the hottest stories and creators to the latest buzz-worthy indie titles and even some fresh takes on the classics, Frankie’s Reviews will spotlight select titles each week and give our take on and which issues we recommend. Here's more.


A solid review is more than just us saying if we liked it or not. It is an appreciation of the art of comic book storytelling and the experience of reading the issues. 

What we aim to do is give you a good idea of what you’re getting into with a particular comic. With so many titles on store shelves, the goal is to help you fine tune which issues are most worthy of your wallet with an overall letter grade of an A+ down to an F.

These are not speculation and investment takes. While we may spotlight investment darlings and comment on an issue’s potential, the end goal is less about money and more about embracing what we love about comics - the writing, the artwork, the colors, and how well it meshes together. Did it make us laugh or cry? Did the action leap off the page? Did a story arc pay off for the reader? Was it simply fun to read?

We want to deliver reviews that give you more than just an opinion. Remember that first comic that really got you hooked? That moment when you were first captured by the art and story and how it pulled you in and demanded more. Let’s share that feeling. 


Tastes and expectations vary, and this is just one opinion. Chime in, and share your thoughts. Did you agree or disagree with the review? Create a discussion on social media. 

Comic fans are passionate about their favorite characters, and that is what makes them great. Just remember to keep things civil.

We are also open to requests. Got a series you have fallen in love with? Share it with us, and it may reach the reading list. Maybe you have a classic story that deserves a fresh look. Let us know what you want us to review. 


We are comic fans, and we are writing these for other fans. That means we take our comics seriously, and we hold them to a high standard. When we rate something an A, you will know that comic has earned that high standing. In rare cases, we will even award an A+, but do not look for those too often. That way when you do see it, you will know that is an issue worth your time and money.

Reading a great comic is more than just turning a page and looking at pictures. It is a personal experience like nothing else, and it is our goal to find those comics that strike that very cord.

In the end, we want to share our love for comics with you.

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