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Was That Iron Lad in the MOM Trailer?

Multiverse of Madness Young Avengers



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Was that Iron Man, Captain Marvel, or something else in the Multiverse of Madness trailer? A high-resolution image making the rounds is leading many to believe Iron Lad is on his way to the MCU.

The moment in question involves a glowing figure who zips across the screen for only a moment. At first, many fans assumed that it was Tom Cruise’s Iron Man from a different dimension. Others wondered if it was a Captain Marvel variant. If Kang is involved in MOM, it could very well be another Young Avenger.

There is an 8k close up of the figure in question, and assuming that is not an altered image, he does resemble Jonathan Majors, the actor who portrayed He Who Remains/Kang in Loki. Only, the soaring figure appears younger than Majors. That has theorists curious if that would make him Iron Lad, another Nathaniel Richards variant from the Multiverse. 

In the comics, this version of Kang followed in Iron Man’s footsteps, creating his own armor based on Tony Stark’s designs. He journeyed through time and joined the Young Avengers. That could make MOM another piece to the YA puzzle. America Chavez is set to make a large impact in her MOM debut, and she was a Young Avenger in the comics. The Disney+ shows have been centered on the teenage superhero team with each show introducing an element to the YA story. After all, WandaVision introduced Scarlet Witch’s children, Wiccan and Speed; The Falcon and the Winter Soldier featured a Patriot cameo; Loki set the groundwork for Iron Lad via He Who Remains/Kang; and Hawkeye spotlighted Kate Bishop. Wiccan and Speed could return as teenagers in MOM, while fellow Young Avengers Riri Williams and Kamala Khan are set to star in their own Disney+ shows. 

It all adds up to a massive push for the Young Avengers as they appear set to take over the Disney+ corner of the MCU. That makes the notion of Iron Lad appearing in MOM all the more plausible. 


The prospect of Iron Lad joining America Chavez in Multiverse of Madness gives collectors another reason to want Young Avengers #1. Marvel is shifting the focus to the teenagers, and it could happen very soon. Of course, Kevin Feige has not been secretive about this. You can look at the recent trend of Marvel movies to see that Disney is gearing the MCU more and more toward a teenage audience, especially on Disney+. With the different streaming series seemingly being a launching pad for the Young Avengers, it is clear that Marvel/Disney has big plans for the YA. 


Believe it or not, the values are down for the standard edition of YA #1, at least for the moment. The most recent sale was for $800 for a graded 9.8. That’s more than $100 off the 2021 fair market value, though it’s still well above 2020’s $314 average sale price. Out of 34 sales so far this year, only five of those have been for over $1k. Compare that to 2021 when December alone had six $1k+ sales.


Traditionally, the sketch edition brings a much higher price than the standard edition. Why wouldn’t it? This is the modern equivalent to Giant-Size X-Men #1 with the debut of a new team and several new faces that are bound for mainstream popularity. Naturally, the edition with the fewest copies printed would make for the biggest earner. Even this behemoth has been off the mark in 2022, which is good for buyers.

Two years ago, the graded 9.8 sketch edition was averaging $576, and that seemed like an inflated price at the time. Last year, that FMV ballooned to nearly $1,300. Along the way, it scored a record-breaking $2,250. By November and December, the prices had leveled out to $1,500-$1,700. So far this year, there hasn’t been a sale for more than $1,200, which happens to be the lowest prices the 9.8 has seen since June. If you have been waiting for a time to invest, this could be it.


Again, here is another Young Avengers #1 edition that has dipped since last year. Like many comics, the director’s cut broke records in 2021. In July, a 9.8 sold for $950, and it finished the year with sales in the $500-$650 range. This year has told a different story. The biggest sale was the first one when a copy went for $713 on January 3. Since then, there has been a steady decline in FMV. Prices gradually dipped below $600 before dropping under $500. So far this month, there hasn’t been a sale for more than $460. That’s not a bad thing, at least for buyers. With so much speculation surrounding all editions of YA #1, the values are due for a rebound in the near future. 


Despite values being down, Young Avengers #1 is still too pricey for many collectors. For those looking to get their hands on an alternate Iron Lad key, YA #2 could do the trick. This issue featured the alternate Nathaniel Richards’ origin story prior to being revealed as a Kang variant. Not only that, but this issue also contains the second appearance of the Young Avengers as well as the moment Scott’s Lang’s daughter, Cassie, is given superpowers. That could have implications in the MCU, since Cassie is depicted as a teenager now, and the speculation is that she will join the YA when they advance to either Disney+ or the silver screen.

Graded at a 9.8, prices for YA #2 are half of those for even the director’s cut Young Avengers #1, but that’s not to say this comic is cheap. Already this year, YA #2 has sold for $219, which is nearing last year’s record of $256. In 2021, it averaged $158 over 20 sales, so this one defies the trends and is on the way up at the moment.


Collectors have been more aware of Young Avengers #5 thanks to Hawkeye. As Kate Bishop’s key issues hit the accelerator, many buyers took notice of this issue because it is Kate’s first cover appearance. Granted, she’s partially concealed, but it is a milestone moment all the same. 

What should make you take a second look at this issue ties to Iron Lad. After being established as a variant, this version of Nathaniel Richards is abducted by Kang, who takes him back to the 30th Century. Before Kang leaves, he removes Nathaniel’s armor and reprograms it to become a third version of Vision. This particular Vision is a combination of the original Vision and Nathaniel’s memories. That could become a plot point for either MOM or a future Scarlet Witch project as Wanda Maximoff mourns the loss of her husband. That would up the stakes for this issue in a hurry.

There has only been one 9.8 sold in 2022, and it brought a record $225 on February 11. Last year, there were only four 9.8s sold online, none of which exceeded $175. Those prices would look like pocket change by comparison if the third Vision is created in the MCU.


The list of reasons to own Young Avengers keys grows by the day. With each new project from Marvel Studios, more direct connections to the YA are introduced. It’s clear that Disney/Marvel plan to make them a centerpiece for the future MCU. If we see Iron Lad in MOM, those YA keys will hit the afterburners. 

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He is a professional writer, avid comic collector, former teacher, and the Blogger Supreme. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog, or on Instagram at matt.tuck.writer.

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  • Dane Hill on

    There’s also an even rarer variant of the Wizard World Los Angeles Sketch Cover, for anyone interested. The Wizard Authentic Edition is out there. Unfortunately, the signatures on them were not witnessed, so you can only get a green label if submitted to CGC, though CGC recognizes them as Wizard Authentic Editions. They have Wizard hologram stickers applied to the covers. I believe there were only several hundred of these of any given issue that Wizard produced, one of which was Young Avengers #1 sketch cover.

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