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Top-10 Possibilities for WandaVision's Mystery Cameo

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After eight episodes, WandaVision’s much-hyped “secret cameo” will be revealed this week. Who could it be? Here are ten possibilities, but wait until you get to number one.

It appears this will be our only season of WandaVision, and as we head into Episode Nine, the series has been hallmarked with character development for Scarlet Witch and Vision. It has also been a platform for introducing a host of new characters. For starters, there is Agatha Harkness and her witchy spells. Then we have seen an adult Monica Rambeau begin her ascension to Photon and possibly the future Captain Marvel if her story follows the comics. The series brought two future Young Avengers into the fold, Wiccan and Speed. Evan Peters quite possibly laid the groundwork for Fox’s X-Men cast, and now we have Vision’s white (or spectral) form. 

What truly keeps viewers glued to their screens are the mysteries and Easter eggs. Is Agatha really “the devil in the details” of Westview? Is Vision inside the new body or is it another artificial intelligence? Are Billy and Tommy Maximoff even real?

But the real mystery from the beginning has been the secret cameo, which was first teased by the Scarlet Witch herself, Elizabeth Olsen. It has been compared to The Mandalorian’s Luke Skywalker appearance in the closing moments of the show’s second season. And now the time is nearly at hand. 

As the fever pitch of the show winds to a close, let’s examine ten potential characters who could reveal themselves and make heads explode across the internet. Who knows? Maybe that much-hyped cameo is a character no one would ever expect, which would make things all the better.

I left off my own theories of either Wolverine or Blade being the big reveal since I have detailed those in two separate posts, but I contend they are still possibilities. Also missing from the list is Doctor Strange, since Vision actor Paul Bettany essentially debunked that rumor in an interview with Esquire.

As it were, here are ten theories to whet your appetite for the final episode of WandaVision.


Overall, Blue Marvel is the most unlikely choice for the cameo. Considering that the cast has hyped the “Luke Skywalker” moment so heavily, it stands to reason that it would be a character even mainstream fans would immediately recognize. Blue Marvel does not quite fit that bill, since he is rather obscure outside of the Marvel Comics faithful. Still, the clues are there for him to appear as the missing aerospace engineer due to his history and connection to Monica Rambeau. If the casting is right, that could be enough to make Blue Marvel’s debut a major moment.


Maybe the mystery cameo is a joke on the audience, so how about the possibility of Deadpool appearing in the finale? Keep in mind, Kevin Feige has been talking a lot about Deadpool 3 lately. 

WandaVision practically breaks the mythical “fourth wall” in every scene. Despite the handful of heavy thematic moments, the show is meant to be a sitcom like those classic series it parodies. Put it together, and Deadpool would be a perfect fit in the sitcom world of WandaVision, and there is even a theory that Scarlet Witch can explain why Deadpool can break the fourth wall in the first place.


Speaking of the missing engineer, fans have been theorizing that question will open the door for the Fantastic Four. The allusion certainly adds up to Mister Fantastic, and it would easily segway into a modern telling of the FF’s Stan Lee/Jack Kirby origin story. The best part is the star quality since even non-comic fans are sure to recognize the FF.


Let’s say that the mystery actor Paul Bettany has wanted to work with his entire life is not portraying the “Luke Skywalker” cameo, that leaves things open to many other scenarios. If anyone can deliver a “Luke” moment that fans would love, it would be the return of Chris Evans as Captain America for one more go. 

Taking that a step further, what if the cameo is not necessarily on the side of good? In the comics, Secret Empire was an alternate reality born from the Tesseract that turned Steve Rogers into a villain named Captain Hydra. If Evans were to utter the line, “Hail Hydra,” it would send shockwaves throughout the MCU fandom.


Ever since Evan Peters made his appearance as Quicksilver, the most common theory has been that Magneto will herald the arrival of the X-Men and rescue his children. This was essentially shot down after Agatha revealed she had conjured Pietro to toy with Wanda, but it is still not out of the question. After all, how did Agatha even know what the Fox Quicksilver looked like?


This would definitely send fans home happy. Since one of the major themes of the series is death and coping with grief as seen through Vision’s resurrection at Wanda’s hands, we may see Robert Downey, Jr. reappear in the MCU. Granted this is a long shot, but supposedly RDJ is still rumored to make a couple more appearances in the MCU despite Tony Stark having died at the conclusion of Endgame. The other connection here is that it could help establish the premise for the upcoming Disney+ Armor Wars


After seven years of teases and rumors, could we finally get our full entrance for Adam Warlock? In the comics, Him/Warlock possessed the soul gem, and it was even embedded in his forehead, which was adapted for Vision and the mind stone in the MCU. With such an abstract feel to WandaVision, some online pundits theorized the series was actually taking place inside the soul gem. In the conclusion of the comic story arc, “Infinity Gauntlet,” Adam actually took Thanos into the soul gem, so that much would fit the mythology. 

As far as the MCU, that seems unlikely given the events of the series to this point, but it does not rule out Warlock giving fans their “Luke Skywalker” moment. 


With only one episode remaining, it’s “put up or shut up” time for WandaVision and those numerous Mephisto Easter eggs and allusions. There is no denying that the show’s creative team wanted us to think Mephisto, and he is even featured in an Easter egg in the Loki trailer. As we round into the last episode of the season (and perhaps the series), what will come of Mephisto? There is a fascinating theory that Al Pacino may have been secretly cast as the devil, and that would turn heads if he were to appear in the finale. Then again, all those Mephisto references could have been red herrings to divert our attention from the show’s real antagonist, Agatha Harkness, which seems to be the cast since, well, it was Agatha all along. 


For a moment, let’s say the “Luke Skywalker” moment is not about a hero saving the day, but instead is simply about the level of surprise.

For a few months now, I have seen reports from questionable sources that James Spader was set to reappear (either in the flesh or just his voice) in the MCU. With all the mentions of Ultron and the numerous callbacks to Age of Ultron, it would be fitting for the AI villain to make his return in WandaVision. Remember that in the MCU version of things, Vision’s humanoid form was supposed to be Ultron’s upgraded body. In the comics, Ultron is virtually immortal and can upload his consciousness at any moment, thus keeping him from truly being destroyed. That could mean that Ultron manipulated SWORD into building his new body for him. When Spectral Vision opens his mouth, we could hear James Spader’s voice, not Paul Bettany’s.


What? Stan Lee? He’s not even alive. 

That’s right: the legendary co-creator of the most famous of Marvel Universe who went on to become the face of the comic industry could be that mysterious cameo. 

Once the MCU kicked off, his running cameos in the MCU became some of the most crowd-pleasing moments in the franchise. And what is the one word that we have heard repeated in relation to the mystery? Cameo, and Stan Lee made the cameo an art form in itself. 

Before he passed away in 2018, rumor had it that he filmed numerous cameos to be used in case he was unable to make further appearances due to his age and declining health. What if one was saved just for this occasion?

More likely than that would be a CGI Stan. After all, this is a “Luke Skywalker” moment. How did The Mandalorian bring a young Mark Hamill to the screen one last time? It happened through the movie magic of CGI.

Don’t forget, this is a show that has been more or less self-aware, at least in the sitcom-themed episodes. Breaking the fourth wall has been par for the course, and Agatha directly addressed the audience in her villainous reveal. 

Put it all together, and what we may be in for is a fourth-wall breaking cameo and final tribute to the legendary Stan Lee.

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He is also a teacher, freelance writer, comic collector, and an international man of mystery. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog.

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  • JRA on

    So far so great on the blog’s. Frankie’s is really “Paying it Forward” by having this additional perks for us. Kudos! to the team.

    My thoughts on this, would be number 3 our little red devil Mephisto. Since Paul Bettany “aka. Vision” said it himself that he would like to work with the actor. In another note, there was the Engineer that Ms. Rambeau have mentioned which is number 8, which will be fun to see. In any way it will be presented, it will be ecstatic to all Marvel fans.

    Again thanks to everyone in Frankie’s and Kevin.

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