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Top-10 MCU Rumors

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By Matt Tuck

The MCU keeps the internet on its toes with a 24/7 news cycle of rumors and theories. Here are ten of the most intriguing.

After a year without Marvel ruling the box office, WandaVision has made up for lost time. Each episode is chock full of Marvel Easter eggs that are puzzling  worldwide. fans. What’s it all mean? Is the series building toward Mephisto’s introduction? Will WandaVision kick off Avengers: Disassembled? Could this be the beginning of House of M? So many questions are springing from the series, and I suspect that is by Kevin Feige’s grand design.

As Marvel attempts to break the internet (along with the fourth wall, it would seem, after watching the fourth episode of WandaVision), here are ten of the most talked-about MCU rumors. How likely are they to pan out? Time will tell, but half the fun is making predictions. 


This is the latest rumor as photos from the Spider-Man 3 set point to Mr. Negative joining the fray. It looks like it could be the case, but I still get flashbacks of Hydro-Man, who was once thought to be a villain in Far From Home, and you see how that unfolded.


Black Panther 2 has provided a treasure trove of speculation for years now. One of the most active rumors has been that Spider-Man nemesis, thanks to Disney’s cooperative deal with Sony, will introduce Kraven as the sequel’s villain, thus paving the way for him to join an MCU Sinister Six, as he is consistently tied to those rumors as well. It would seem that at least the fans are demanding Kraven in the flesh, but we shall see if Marvel Studios is listening.


We already have Doctor Strange, and Blade is on the way. Then there is Ghost Rider, who appeared in Agents of SHIELD, and Michael Keaton tying Morbius to the MCU. On top of that, the Mephisto allusions on Disney+ cannot be ignored. Put it all together, and Marvel could very well be gearing up for the Midnight Sons.


Ever since Captain Marvel premiered in theaters, fans have waited to hear which villain she will face in the sequel. After Norman Osborn’s name came and went, the persistent rumor is that Rogue will join the cast and steal Carol Danvers’ power, thus introducing mutants to the MCU and potentially leading to the X-Men. With Monica Rambeau taking a starring role in WandaVision, this rumor will pick up steam. After all, Monica became Ms. Marvel after Carol was depowered in the comics.


The rumors of Marvel Studios adapting "Dark Reign" from the comics to the screen started nearly three years ago when Marvel reportedly commissioned a script for Dark Avengers. Since then, there has been nothing new to report, but that does not mean there is nothing to the story. Marvel Studios could still have this story waiting for Phase Five.


Will the Fantastic Four battle Doctor Doom for a fourth time on movie screens? While Marvel Studios may be resurrecting villains from the Sony-verse in Spider-Man 3, but it is highly doubtful that Kevin Feige will want either of the two Doctor Dooms from the Fox-verse to land in the MCU. That leaves many fans to wonder if Doom will surface outside the FF franchise, which lends to the theory that Victor Von Doom will wage war on Wakanda in Black Panther 2.


There is no question that the flying horseman from outer space is coming. Feige has said that he nixed the Beta Ray Bill cameo for Thor: Ragnarok because he wanted the introduction to do the character justice. There are even theories that he was secretly alluded to in Endgame. Will he appear in Love and Thunder or possibly Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? Perhaps Beta Ray Bill is being reserved for his very own feature film. One way or another, we will see Bill on the big screen.


Ever since Disney took over the Fox properties, there have been more Wolverine casting rumors than I have room in this post. From Keanu Reeves to Jason Momoa and Taron Edgerton, the internet is salivating over the next incarnation of Wolverine. In recent days, Sir Patrick Stewart has said that he turned down Kevin Feige’s invitation to reprise his role as Professor X. Could that mean Hugh Jackman has had talks to come out of X-tirement to once again pop the claws? Snikt!


Ever since Dottie's arrival on Disney+, Mephisto has ruled the rumor mill. Whether or the devil is in the details of WandaVision remain to be seen, but with the references to Satan in the series and a stained glass portrait slipped into the Loki trailer, it is no wonder that the MCU is aflutter for Mephisto. The persistent theory is that not only will he play a part on Disney+, but all of Phase Four could be pointing to Marvel’s very own Devil as the MCU’s next major force.


It started with the news that Sony and Disney were parting ways and that Spider-Man 3 would not happen at all, at least not in the MCU. Then the two corporations reconciled on Spidey’s movie rights, and suddenly the rumors of a live-action Spider-Verse were born with multiple sites reporting that both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire would reprise their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Just as that was debunked, Marvel Studios announced that both Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina had been cast as Electro and Doctor Octopus for the MCU’s third Spider-Film. Don’t forget that Michael Keaton is in the Morbius trailer as the Vulture, which clearly connects the “Living Vampire” to the MCU. Let your imagination run wild with those implications.


For anyone who has followed the MCU since the days of Iron Man’s live-action debut, you know there are far more than ten rumors and theories. The list practically grows by the day, and that is what fans love about Marvel Studios. Stay tuned for a follow up with a few new entries to keep you guessing about the future of the MCU.

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