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The Red Hand: Top-10 WandaVision Rumors and Theories

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By Matt Tuck

Is WandaVision establishing the groundwork for the MCU’s future? Let’s explore ten of the most intriguing theories and rumors from the hit series that continues to blow minds with every episode.


What do Marvel fans love most about the MCU? Easter eggs and predicting what’s next for the cinematic behemoth. And every episode of WandaVision has delivered enough allusions, hints, and name drops to fill an entire phase of the MCU. 

There are too many rumors and hints to number, so I whittled the list down to ten with the biggest implications.


Ever since FBI Special Agent Jimmy Woo was introduced to the MCU via Ant-Man and the Wasp, the speculation is that he would follow his comic roots and recruit a new government-sanctioned superhero team, Agents of Atlas. Since then, that notion gradually fizzled out, but it has gained new life. 

Woo’s more-serious portrayal in WandaVision would be much better suited as a member of Atlas than the one we saw in Ant-Man. The other part of this equation is this question: why did the FBI have SA Woo monitoring Westview in the first place? Could it be that some of the kidnapped Westview citizens are future Agents of Atlas?


The socialite empress of Westview, Dottie, has only been seen in one episode, but she certainly turned heads thanks to her “devil in the details” comment and Agnes’ response of, “That’s not the only place he is.” What if Dottie isn’t Mephisto after all? With WandaVision being connected to the Doctor Strange sequel, the idea is that Dottie is not the devil, but the Dark Dimension’s Sorceress Supreme straight from the comics, Clea.


Ever since a young Monica was featured in the 1990s-set Captain Marvel, the fan theories have abounded. Will Monica follow her comic origins and ascend to superhero heights? It appears that way since Episode Five when a CT scan was distorted due to an unknown anomaly. That leads to one conclusion: Monica came back from Thanos’ snap with powers of her own. Could she be on her way to becoming the next Captain Marvel? If Rogue is introduced as the sequel’s villain, it will be a foregone conclusion at that point.


The world of MCU fandom is making its predictions about the mysterious aerospace engineer that went missing prior to the events of WandaVision. The most common theory is that it is Reed Richards, and that would then set the stage for the Fantastic Four’s origin story pulled straight from the days of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. By and large, this would be the simplest way for Marvel Studios to incorporate a new version of the FF into the MCU. 

But maybe that is too on-the-nose for Kevin Feige and company. It could be a red herring meant to set us up for an even bigger surprise. 


On the surface, Agnes appears to be the standard “whacky neighbor” from those ‘80s and ‘90s sitcom. The most recent episode made me think of her as an adult version of Kimmy Gibbler fittingly from Full House. But who is she really? From her first mention in a trailer, fans have theorized that she is actually Agatha Harkness, an ancient witch with ties to both Wanda Maximoff and the Fantastic Four. With each passing episode, this theory makes more sense.


We know that WandaVision is linked to both Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man 3. Between the two, Spider-Man 3 seems the most random. While the most logical connection could be Scarlet Witch opening portals across the multiverse that leads to the Sony-verse, that may not be the only tie between franchises. Could WandaVision and Loki bring Mephisto into the MCU and pave the way for a modern classic Spider-Man tale, “One More Day?” In that story arc, Peter Parker sacrifices his relationship with Mary Jane in a deal with Mephisto. While Peter resets the clock and gets his secret identity back following the events of Civil War along with Aunt May’s survival from a gunshot wound, he no longer falls in love with MJ, thus forever missing a love that he will never know. 

To top it off, in the story, Mephisto reveals alternate realities in which there is no Spider-Man, which means that an MCU Mephisto could very well know of the Sony-verse.


We have seen it in the comics more than once. First it came in Avengers: Disassembled when Wanda lost her grip on reality following Vision’s death. She warped reality and unwittingly decimated the Avengers. 

After that came House of M in which Scarlet Witch reset the Marvel 616, and erased the Marvel Universe’s past, creating an alternate reality in which superheroes did not exist. At the conclusion of that event, Wanda uttered the famous line, “No more mutants,” which essentially made Marvel’s mutants an endangered species until Hope Summers came along, setting up the phenomenal Messiah Complex

If Marvel Studios is following the comics, then Scarlet Witch could easily be the biggest threat to the MCU bar none. Even Monica’s final lines of Episode Four corroborate this theory when she says, “It’s Wanda. It’s all Wanda.”


When Wanda opened her Family Ties sitcom door and found Evan Peters waiting, the rejoicing of X-Men fans around the world could be heard throughout the cosmos. 

At this point, this would be the clear path to introducing the X-Men into the MCU. Instead of reimagining the team and starting from scratch, why not incorporate the successful Fox franchise into Marvel’s live-action mythos? After all, it was only a couple weeks ago that Sir Patrick Stewart announced that he had turned down Kevin Feige’s offer to reprise his role as Professor X for the MCU. Did it strike anyone else as odd that the timing of Stewart’s news coincided with Peters’ introduction on WandaVision? That could have all been part of the plan.


Let’s assume that Evan Peters is the first X-Man to cross into the MCU. Let us also assume that Wanda will inherit Thanos’ throne as the biggest threat to the MCU. Put those together, and it could mean that Marvel Studios is prepping for the somewhat-lackluster comics event from 2012, AVX: Avengers Versus X-Men. After all, the series was based around the idea of the X-Men defending a fellow mutant against the Avengers. That could easily play out in the MCU.


This may be the most interesting WandaVision theory out there, and it took some seriously close viewing to even catch it. 

The idea is that Evan Peters’ character may have said he is Wanda’s long-lost brother, but that is not Quicksilver. How can this be? Fans have pointed out that his left hand appears to be cast in a red light as Wanda opens the door. That could be simply light from the stained glass in the door, so that evidence is a bit sketchy.

But wait! There’s more.

Look closely at the mirror behind Peters as he stands in the doorway. “Quicksilver” does not have a reflection, but there is a red hand and a strange grey arm-like shape that is raising even more eyebrows. Could it be that this is actually Mephisto pretending to be Quicksilver in order to manipulate Wanda? It makes sense. 

Besides the red hand, there is more logic to this theory. The initial thought after watching Episode Five is that Scarlet Witch wanted to resurrect her brother so badly that she pulled Quicksilver from another dimension in the multiverse. This doesn’t completely make sense.

Peters’ character clearly recognizes Wanda Maximoff as Pietro’s sister. How could that be when neither the MCU’s Scarlet Witch nor the X-Men’s Quicksilver have ever seen one another? While Wanda’s reaction suggests she does not know this person, Peters’ Quicksilver is far too chummy for someone who would have no way of recognizing this version of his sister. 

That leads to one conclusion: Evan Peters is portraying Mephisto, not Quicksilver, though he obviously knows of the X-Men’s pocket of the multiverse, which leads back to the “One More Day” theory.

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He's also a teacher, freelance writer, comic collector and blogger, and an international man of mystery. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog.

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