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Stock Watch: Top-10 Market Performers for February

stock watch


Which comics broke records and set the market on fire last month? Welcome to the first in our new monthly series, the Top-10 Market Performers.

What trends do we see? No surprise, WandaVision and Star Wars ruled the roost, but a 1985 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles key held its own. The biggest winner for a single grade, however, went to the Rogue One movie adaptation that saw a jump of over 70% in a month’s time. 


When it comes to collecting, the comic market is a living, breathing creature. It is ever expanding and changes by the hour with as many ebbs and flows in a week as the New York Stock Exchange. 

Serious collectors need the most up-to-date data to stay on top of things. Each month, GPAnalysis provides a variety of sales reports, and one of those is the positive market performers. The report lists the individual comics and grades that have seen the largest sales price increase over the course of a given month. These are divided by comic ages and ranked according to the top 20 for each era.

Today, I breakdown the data for you and list 10 comics with the most grades and biggest percent gained for February. What you will see below are the comics with the most grades listed in the market report as well as the single comic with the highest fair market value gained in a month. These are sorted by eras, and the grades are ranked by FMV percentage increase.



7.0 (+11.39%) 

90-Day FMV: $1,151

Last Sale: $1,500 on March 7

3.5 (+11.37%)

90-Day FMV: $423

Last Sale: $400 February 20

7.5 (+10.96%)

90-Day FMV: $1,284

Last Sale: $1,545 March 11

6.0 (+10.76%)

90-Day FMV: $929

Last Sale: $1,050 February 28

8.5 (+10.26%)

90-Day FMV: $1,865

Last Sale: $2,799 March 5

5.5 (+10.19%)

90-Day FMV: $839

Last Sale: $900 March 9

Throughout the month of February, this was the hottest comic on the market. Out of the top-20 Silver Age market performers, grades of Silver Surfer #3 held more than a quarter of those spots. 

What made this issue such a popular item was Mephisto’s MCU speculation. While the Easter eggs did not pan out for WandaVision, there is a good chance that we will still see Marvel’s very own Satan in the MCU, which will keep the sales figures rolling throughout March. Despite the fan theories in WandaVision (myself included) having been proved wrong, Mephisto is still heavily rumored for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Don’t forget that there is a possible Mephisto Easter egg in the Loki trailer as we see what appears to be the ruler of Marvel’s Hell in a stained glass window.

X-MEN #4

3.5 (+12.24%)

90-Day FMV: $1,681

Last Sale: $2,500 February 17

6.0 (+11.49%)

90-Day FMV: $2,667

Last Sale: $4,000 February 27

4.0 (+10.44%)

90-Day FMV: $1,765

Last Sale: $2,700 March 12

2.0 (+10.1%)

90-Day FMV: $910

Last Sale: $965 February 13

4.5 (+9.74%)

90-Day FMV: $2,445

Last Sale: $2,800 March 12

Combine X-Men #4’s popularity with that of Silver Surfer #3, and we clearly see WandaVision’s power over the graded market throughout February. Over half of the top-performing Silver Age grades belonged to these two comics, and it shows in those ridiculously high values. 

Now that WandaVision has wrapped, it is clear that the officially-christened Scarlet Witch will take a much larger role in the MCU going forward. The show confirmed that Wanda Maximoff is more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme, and wouldn’t you know that she will appear in the Doctor Strange sequel, which should make for interesting fireworks between the two. 

With her skyrocketing popularity and the success of WandaVision, I would not be too surprised if she gets her own solo movie in the future. That will keep her first appearance in X-Men #4 high on the collecting wish lists for years to come. 

The other part of the equation is Magneto and Quicksilver. As we prepare for the X-Men’s arrival in the MCU, there could be even more emphasis on X-Men #4 if Marvel Studios puts it own spin on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which debuted in this issue. As far as Quicksilver, his MCU future appears to be at an end, but Marvel Studios could do another twist down the road.

X-MEN #14

7.0 (+11.14%)

90-Day FMV: $933

Last Sale: $1,198 February 24

7.5 (+9.89%)

90-Day FMV: $1,262

Last Sale: $1,400 February 16

6.0 (+9.66%)

90-Day FMV: $686

Last Sale: $899 March 7

Another hot X-Men comic on the market has been the first appearance of the bane of all mutants, the Sentinels. While nothing has been said about Sentinels in the MCU, the recent X-Men rumors are likely pushing this particular issue to new heights along with most X-keys, especially those from the Silver and Bronze Ages. 

The other part here is that it is a classic Jack Kirby cover, even though the Sentinel doesn’t appear to be reaching for Professor X one bit. It still looks great, and it is quintessential Kirby.



9.0 (+43.02%)

90-Day FMV: $248

Last Sale: $300 March 8

9.6 (+32.07%)

90-Day FMV: $774

Last Sale: $1,100 March 6

9.2 (+23.77%)

90-Day FMV: $284

Last Sale: $150 March 10

9.8 (+16.83%)

90-Day FMV: $1,400

Last Sale: $1,700 February 12

The return of the MCU with WandaVision broke Star Wars’ grip on the comic market, but those SW keys clearly ruled the Bronze Age. Surprisingly, it was Star Wars #2 that outshone even the perennial favorite of the lot, Star Wars #1. 

What is so special about this issue? While SW #1 was the debut of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, issue #2 is noted as the first appearances of Han Solo, Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon, and the Death Star. What is spurring these huge sales figures is another first appearance, that of Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Although Obi-Wan appeared on the cover of SW #1, he was not featured in the actual story until Star Wars #2. Since Disney+’s Kenobi has begun filming, it has no doubt turned attention toward his first in-story appearance. Once there is a trailer, expect SW #2 to climb even higher.


9.6 (+18.76%)

90-Day FMV: $1,097

Last Sale: $1,375 March 12

7.0 (+17.32%)

90-Day FMV: $219

Last Sale: $403 February 24

6.0 (+16.1%)

90-Day FMV: $212

Last Sale: $300 March 12

9.8 (+13.23%)

90-Day FMV: $3,366

Last Sale: $4,559 February 28

Maybe Star Wars #2 stole the thunder for a month, but there is no question that Star Wars #1 still reigns supreme. Month after month, this issue remains one of the best-selling Bronze Age comics as well as one of the biggest sellers of any age. Even when Star Wars felt the burn of Last Jedi and prices for SW #1 fell, it was still a major seller. Now that The Mandalorian has reignited the franchise’s dedicated fandom, Star Wars #1 is understandably a priority for many collectors. 


9.8 (+14.3%)

90-Day FMV: $237

Last Sale: $375 February 22

9.6 (+14.25%)

90-Day FMV: $98

Last Sale: $72 February 16

This issue caught me a bit off guard. Star Wars #1 and #2 were understandable, but what was so important about #9 that it was reaching new records last month? 

It appears this is the first appearance of the Cloud Riders, who were seen in 2018’s Solo film, so it’s not like they were suddenly thrust into live-action. Unless there is something I am missing, I chalk this up to The Mandalorian mania that has gripped the collecting world for the past year. It should be noted that while the last sale of a 9.6 was for $72, another copy brought a record-high $176 on February 8.



9.2 (53.44%)

90-Day FMV: $395

Last Sale: $424 February 26

9.8 (+50.14%)

90-Day FMV: $1,764

Last Sale: $2,201 February 26

9.0 (+40.75%)

90-Day FMV: $357

Last Sale: $355 February 28

GPA listed Star Wars #68 under the Modern Age, but there are many collectors who will argue that particular era did not begin until 1984, which would put this 1983 issue at the tail end of the Bronze Age. Be that as it may, GPA put SW #68 under the Modern category, which is where I will leave it for this particular post. 

This one has gotten so much attention from the cover alone. While it may appear this is Boba Fett, the character in the story is revealed to be Fenn Shysa. With so many comic and cartoon characters making their live-action debuts in The Mandalorian, it stands to reason that Fenn could appear in some form on Disney+, and that gives collectors another reason to seek this issue.


9.8 (+72.38%)

90-Day FMV: $202

Last Sale: $250 February 23

Out of every grade of every comic sold online in February, Star Wars: Rogue One #1 at a 9.8 saw the single biggest rise in value over the course of a month. Being a movie adaptation, this issue featured the comic debuts of film characters Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, and the show-stealer of the movie, the sassiest of droids, K-250. The big news that has propelled this issue’s fair market values is that Cassian will star in his own Disney+ series, Andor. Considering the Star Wars craze we are in the midst of, this issue could propel to Clone Wars #1 heights if Andor is a major hit with fans.


9.2 (+59.73%)

90-Day FMV: $1,182 

Last Sale: $1,350 March 9

If you have been following The Last Ronin (and if you haven’t, you are missing out), then you know that we see Raphael’s future demise in the second issue of that series. That is the most likely reason that Raphael’s first solo comic reached a new record high, at least in the 9.2 grade. Last Ronin has rejuvenated all the TMNT comics, and there are many Ninja Turtles keys that have set new records since the new series reached local comic shops. What is truly impressive with Raphael #1’s price jump is when you consider that a 9.2 averaged just $154 only two years ago.


9.8 (+50.01%)

90-Day FMV: $553

Last Sale: $644 March 8

At first glance, this seemed like the most random of comics to break records. What is it about Wolverine #88 that collectors were willing to pay high prices to get? This issue has the first official showdown between Wolverine and Deadpool. 

There has been ample Deadpool 3 talk in recent months, and the X-Men are rumored to have an MCU movie on the way. Put those together, and it leads collectors to speculate on Wolverine and Deadpool finally meeting up in the MCU. With the famous “bro-mance” between Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, it makes me curious if we will see Jackman in a Deadpool 3 cameo, even if he does not portray Wolverine.

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He is also a teacher, freelance writer, comic collector, and an international man of mystery. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog.

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