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Kingpin Rumors Propel ASM #50 to New Heights

Hawkeye kingpin mcu

The hot rumor is that Kingpin is returning to the MCU as part of the Hawkeye Disney+ series, and it all could be setting the stage for Echo’s upcoming series. 

That has propelled ASM #50 to record-breaking sales over the past week, but there are other issues that you should be watching just in case the gossip is true.


Vincent D’Onofrio has not let Marvel fans forget about his star-turning performance as Wilson Fisk in Netflix’s Daredevil. Not long after the series was cancelled, the actor began an online petition to keep the show alive. Years later, he has churned the speculation waters once again.

Last week, D’Onofrio caused a tidal wave of rumors when he liked a Tweet from Big Screen Leaks

The reason his liking a Tweet was so exciting is that the original post was a story proclaiming that D’Onofrio was reprising his role as Kingpin for Hawkeye. What makes the story believable is that it goes so far as to detail the precise episode in which Kingpin will appear. 

It would make sense for Kingpin to appear in Hawkeye. As we saw in Endgame when Clint Barton was moonlighting as Ronin, he waged a war against organized crime overseas. Since we have not seen Barton since Endgame, it could be that his one-man war has led him to Wilson Fisk’s doorstep. The bigger picture, however, could be to use Hawkeye as a means to establish his connection to another character, Echo. More on that in a moment.

While neither the Tweet nor the fact that D’Onofrio approved of it confirms anything, it does lead to interesting speculation. And in the ever-expanding world of the MCU, the persistent rumors can be even better than the actual news.


The rumor mill doesn’t stop with Hawkeye. Among the many theories circulating around the veiled plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home, there has been a persistent notion that Charlie Cox will portray Matt Murdock and mount the legal defense of Peter Parker. After the Netflix series, you can’t have Murdock/Daredevil without the Kingpin. Thus, fans have speculated that D’Onofrio will appear as Fisk in No Way Home

Based on what little Marvel Studios has said about the third Homecoming film, this Spider-Man story will center on the Multiverse. Since the movie will include Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, it appears the plot is venturing away from street-level crime. Plus, the film already has plenty of villains, namely Doctor Octopus and Electro, so it doesn’t sound like there’s enough spotlight to share with Kingpin. 

At this point, if Wilson Fisk is going to make his triumphant return to the MCU, the most logical landing spot would be in Hawkeye and to pair him with Echo going forward.


With so much attention surrounding D’Onofrio and Fisk, it is time to check the ticker and see which of his keys is experiencing the most gains due to the rumors. 


After D'Onofrio’s magnificent performance in Netflix’s Daredevil, Kingpin was elevated to a top-tier villain in the eyes of non-comic fans. That added attention on the character and the newfound mainstream popularity as one of Marvel’s elite antagonists brought record highs to his debut in ASM #50. If Kingpin turns out to be included in either Hawkeye or, even better, Spider-Man: No Way Home, then this will be the first key to get the rub.

Of course, this was always a popular issue to own. Obviously, the main reason buyers have sought out this comic for decades is Kingpin’s first appearance. After all, he’s been a major villain since he first stepped into the Marvel Universe. The other part to the equation has been the famous cover and the title, “Spider-Man No More!,” which has played out many times in the different Spidey screen adaptations, making it one of the more notable Spider-Man stories.

There have already been two sales of 8.0s just this week. On July 25, one brought a record $4,080. Three days later, another copy sold for $3,800. Earlier this month, a 7.5 sold for a record-breaking $3,239. Meanwhile, a 7.0 exceeded its previous high after selling for $2,678 on July 28. 

The record-breaking figures don’t stop there. A 6.5 went for a record high $2,053 on July 25. A week before that, a 5.0 brought $1,260 for its new record. The wave of excitement spilled into the low grades as well, starting with the 4.5, which sold for $1,100 on July 26 after a 4.0 set its new high when one sold for $1,080 on July 25. For that matter, even a 2.5 is now approaching the $600 mark.


ASM #51 is a vastly undervalued comic. While other collectors are aiming for the mythical first appearance in the previous issue, astute hobbyists will turn their attention toward this particular comic. At first glance, it would seem to be the consolation prize for ASM #50, since Kingpin made his second appearance in ASM #51. The bigger selling point is that it is the first time fans saw Wilson Fisk on the cover art. 

Why is that so important? Five or ten years ago, that would not have been a major deal. As collecting graded and slabbed comics has become a submarket in itself, it has raised the significance of having a major character on the cover for displays. Here you have Kingpin in his classic white jacket along with Spider-Man on the front of the comic.

The good part is that such an important part of Kingpin’s history is selling for a relatively low price. You can own an 8.5 for less than $400. If you opt for a mid-grade copy, everything up to a 5.5 averages less than $200.


Unless Marvel Studios decides to resurrect Daredevil either for the big or small screen, then this comic won’t likely see the biggest bump from Kingpin’s arrival in the current MCU. Still, this is an important comic in the character’s history for two reasons. For one, it was the first time Kingpin made his way into the Daredevil title, creating their iconic rivalry. The other factor is that this is when Kingpin’s real name, Wilson Fisk, was revealed to the readers. 

Because of those aforementioned reasons, prices are down, which is not necessarily bad news for collectors. Over the past 90 days, the 9.8 has averaged $225, but the last copy sold for just $165 in June. When the grade falls ever so slightly to a 9.6, then it sells for less than $100.

DAREDEVIL #53 (2003)

This is not so much a key issue now, but it could become a minor one if the Hawkeye speculation pans out. 

While there are no firsts in this comic, it does feature a couple of key moments that could very well play out on Disney+. Echo will make her MCU debut in Hawkeye, and the word is that an Echo Disney+ show is already in the works. In the comics, she is getting a push as a star with superpowers of her own after she was chosen for the Phoenix Force in “Avengers: Enter the Phoenix." 

Where DD #53 becomes important is this issue delves into Echo’s origin story, which will definitely be adapted for the screen in the future. A key point from this comic is that Kingpin is responsible for the death of Echo’s father. If Kingpin is included in Hawkeye, then it would be a given that he will be linked to Echo. That will pave the way for Fisk to be the primary antagonist for her Disney+ series. 

Looking for a copy? You can get one for pennies on the dollar. The last 9.8 to trade hands online sold for just $47 in 2019. If you opt for a raw, ungraded copy, those typically sell for about $10.

KINGPIN #1 (1997 & 2017)

Here is a long shot, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. After 30 years in the Marvel Universe, Wilson Fisk finally starred in his own comic, albeit a solo issue. Four years ago, he was given another title of his own, and the first issue included an amazing variant painted by legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz. 

In recent years, the comic movie studios have started to see the value in letting the villains star in their own solo films. As we saw in Netflix’s Daredevil, Kingpin is capable of leading a franchise on his own. The series made Fisk such a complex, multilayered character, and D’Onofrio simply stole the show. Again, if Marvel incorporates Kingpin into Disney+ or even the MCU films, then it would be feasible for him to star in his own series, and one of his solo titles could be the inspiration for the plot.

Neither of these issues warrants a massive price tag, and that is great news for Fisk fans. Still, the 1997 Kingpin #1 is seeing some inflation in the past year. After staying in the $55 range for the past couple of years, last November saw a 9.8 sell for a record $75. 

The more recent Kingpin #1 is the cheaper of the two. The standard cover generally sells for a little under $50, but the Sienkiewicz variant last sold for $75 in March.


The Kingpin rumors are nothing new. As soon as Netflix cancelled Daredevil, the gossip began that Marvel would continue the series on Disney+ as soon as possible. When that did not come to fruition, the speculation turned to the movies and to other Disney+ series. The main takeaway here is that fans are desperate to see Kingpin back on screens, and they want D’Onofrio in the role. From here, it is a matter of whether or not Kevin Feige and company choose to listen to their audience.

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He is a professional writer, avid comic collector, former teacher, and an international man of mystery. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog.

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