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Jim Shooter Suggests MCU Secret Wars In Development

jim shooter mcu secret wars


Hold onto your Secret Wars #1s because Jim Shooter’s weekend comments will have those prices soaring.

Shooter certainly has the comic community riled up. The former Marvel editor-in-chief claims that Marvel Studios is actively developing a Secret Wars live-action adaptation

During a question-and-answer session at Megacon Orlando over the weekend, Shooter said he was contacted by Marvel, who wanted the former writer/editor to write the novelization of Secret Wars. During the negotiations, Shooter said he asked Marvel executive David Bogart, “This means you’re making a movie, right?” to which Bogart reportedly replied, “Well, I’m not allowed to tell you that,’” Shooter explained. “I said, ‘I think you just did.’”

Jim Shooter would seem like a reliable source, and no one from Marvel has refuted his story so far, but until Kevin Feige comments on Secret Wars, then it must be taken with a grain of salt. However, when we frame Shooter’s story within the context of the other Secret Wars news, things get even more interesting.


Rumors of a Secret Wars movie are nothing new. Since Endgame set worldwide box office records, there has been plenty of Secret Wars speculation across the internet. It started with an interview with Joe and Anthony Russo in 2020. After the brothers said their time directing Marvel movies had come to a close, Joe Russo said they would make an exception if Marvel asked them to direct Secret Wars.

From there, the theories and speculation has been rampant, and the clues seem to be coming together. Last year, Marvel Studios announced its voice cast for the animated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series. While most of the names didn’t excite the fandom too much, Marvel’s casting of Laurence Fishburne as the Beyonder caused heads to explode. After all, the Beyonder is the central figure in the classic Secret Wars stories.


If we take things a step further, there is an interesting theory from Screen Rant that says the events of Loki laid the groundwork for Battleworld and Secret Wars.

When Miss Minutes is giving the TVA exposition to Loki, she mentions a time war that resulted in the formation of the Sacred Timeline. Skip to the season finale, and He Who Remains referred back to this event, explaining that after meeting his many variants, a war raged across the Multiverse. With He Who Remains dead, he warned, the variants would return to conquer all timelines.

While there is nothing directly related to Secret Wars, a Multiversal war to determine the one Sacred Timeline does have a Secret Wars impression about it. This could very well be the future launching point for Marvel Studios to form its own Battleworld in the MCU with the heroes fighting their variants and/or the versions of Kang for the survival of Earth-616.

Between Joe Russo’s comments, Fishburne’s casting, Loki’s Multiversal war, and now Jim Shooter’s remarks, it would seem that Marvel is setting the stage for an MCU Secret Wars.

With all this hubbub surrounding all things SW, the inevitable price inflation for those Secret Wars and Beyonder keys will soon be at hand.


Whether or not this 1984-85 series is the basis for a possible Secret Wars movie adaptation, this will be the key to have. This is where it started.

In his first appearance, the Beyonder was simply a voice and a bright light. Considering Beyonder is one of - if not the - most powerful characters in all of Marvel, it stands to reason that Kevin Feige and company have bigger plans outside the Moon Girl cartoon. 

That is why this issue has been on the rise in 2021. Last year, over 122 sales, the 9.8 averaged $198 and established a new record high of $411, which obliterated the previous mark of $249. In the past eight months, that $411 record was left in the dust. July 19 saw a copy reach $960, and it has routinely sold for $700+ over the past couple of months. So far in August, those values have stayed in the $500-$600 range, but the Shooter comments could send it back into the $700 spectrum very soon.

Owning a pristine 9.8 is great, especially if you are looking to sell, but there are plenty of collectors who just want a piece of the action. To those buyers, I present the 9.6. Virtually identical to the naked eye, this grade last sold for $205.


In 2015, Jonathan Hickman and Paul Renaud updated the old Secret Wars concept for something more modern. If Marvel is indeed developing an SW crossover, this would likely be better source material. In Hickman and Renaud’s version, the Multiverse is collapsing, and Doctor Doom has killed the Beyonders (yes, this version had several). To save what is left of the Multiverse, Doom steps in and takes the Beyonders’ power, becoming God Emperor Doom in the process.

Taking many cues from Game of Thrones, Doom pieces together the remains of the Multiverse into kingdoms under his rule. Meanwhile, Reed Richards has rescued a handful of heroes and villains from Earth-616, who fight to dethrone Doom.

Since this is not a true “first” in Secret Wars, prices are low. The last graded 9.8 to trade hands online went for just $40 in January. If you opt for a raw copy, those are selling on eBay for around $5.


Jim Shooter’s Megacon comments have ignited the imaginations of fans all over the world. Could it be that Marvel Studios has been planning this all along? There are so many scenarios that could play out in that event. We all know Kevin Feige will play coy whenever he is asked about Secret Wars, but here’s hoping he will give us a glimmer of hope at least.

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