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Invincible's Record-Breaking Year

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Invincible has conquered the animated world, and with the live-action movie in development, the franchise’s key issues are hotter than ever.

It would seem that Robert Kirkman’s Invincible is proving to live up to its name. The hit adult cartoon series on Amazon Prime has been one of the best superhero shows ever made, either animated or live action. The cliffhanger ending to season one perfectly sets the stage for the highly anticipated second season, which reportedly will air sometime in 2022. 

Even before the first episode of Amazon’s Invincible aired in March, word had spread that a live-action movie was in development. Here we are six months later, and it appears the project is moving along nicely. When it finally reaches audiences, fans will get all the Invincible they can handle.

Traditionally, live-action adaptations have bigger impacts on comic keys than cartoons, be it adult or kids’ shows. We have already seen prices inflate exponentially for Invincible #1, and a movie will only thrust the title further into the mainstream spectrum. Today, let’s explore the latest market data for that coveted first issue and its related keys.


It all begins and ends with the debut issue for the hit series. While other key comics are setting records of their own, they pale in comparison to Invincible #1. Since its release in 2003, this issue has been breaking its own records year after year. So far, 2021 has already seen the 9.8 standard edition sell for a remarkable $5,200 on June 22. Since then, it has not sold for less than $3,600. Drop the grade to a 9.6, and you will save money, but it is still average over $2k. For that matter, you won’t find a graded copy for less than $1,000 above a 7.0, and that one is averaging $750. 


It is no surprise that Invincible #1 had five variant editions. Typically, at least one of those variants surpasses the prices of the standard edition simply because the variant print runs are normally much smaller. In the case of Invincible, the variants are the consolation prizes. 

The most expensive of those other Invincible #1s is the convention edition. For the past 90 days, the 9.8 has averaged $499. The most recent sales saw sellers take home $605 on July 21 and $561 on July 27, though both those are well away from the record $702 set on May 14. Still, those prices are much easier on your budget than the standard edition 9.8s.


Before the first issue of Invincible reached store shelves, readers were treated to Mark Grayson’s first brief appearance in this issue. While its FMV does not compete with the likes of Invincible #1, those standard edition 9.8s are hauling in impressive figures all the same. After carrying an FMV of $99 in 2019, the 2020 average rose to $173 thanks to the hype for the Amazon show. Once the series premiered, things really got exciting. Since April, three of the past four sales have all been for a record-tying $300.


Even more jaw-dropping are the figures for the NCFS #3 variant edition. This cover was an homage to Uncanny X-Men #141. What makes it particularly special is that the bottom corner of the Most Wanted poster in the background features a small profile of Mark Grayson in his Invincible costume. That makes the NCFS #3 variant the first overall and first cover appearance for Invincible, and it explains why prices have


Invincible is such a hot property that even the early previews are setting record figures. Here is another Kirkman title that has an added layer of popularity because it included a preview of Invincible. With all the hype for both the cartoon and the upcoming Invincible movie, prices for Tech Jacket #1 have gone through the roof. Of course, being that Tech Jacket is part of the Kirman-verse, it gets the movie speculation price boost because of its creator.

In 2020, over 15 sales, the 9.8 averaged a respectable $184. That FMV has nearly doubled in the past three months, and the 90-day average stands at $335. The last sale was for $499 on July 6. 


Let’s face it; the only reason anyone wants Savage Dragon #102 is for the initial five-page preview of Invincible that was included in this comic. If you were ahead of the curve, then you likely paid about $100 for a 9.8 based on 2020 averages. This year, that same 9.8 sold for a record $203 in April. 

More recently, a 9.6 traded hands for $225 in June, and that was on the heels of a record $248 set a month prior. And to think that you could have owned a copy for less than $50 on average last year.


As high as prices are for these issues, they are nonetheless sound investments. 

Everyone talks about Ultimate Fallout #4 as the modern Incredible Hulk #181, but Invincible #1 is catching up. If the movie turns out to be another mega hit for Kirkman, then it is feasible that the series’ first issue could reach UF #4 levels. 

When values are this high, it puts it out of reach for many collectors. Fortunately, there are plenty more secondary keys with the potential for profits, which we’ll explore in the coming weeks. 

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He is a professional writer, avid comic collector, former teacher, and an international man of mystery. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog.

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