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Frankies Top 10 Hot Comics

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Another week, another week of HOT COMICS. I won't waste your time with a boring intro and instead roll right into this week's list from Frankie's Comics. 



This is a book seeing sales this week of $15-20 that was previously available for as little as #1 most places.  It is easy to see why the market is loving this one as it not only features a Giant Sized X Men #1 homage but it also features a variety of Loki variants including cover appearances by Kid Loki and Lady Loki.  This one was brought to light by Beckett Media’s Eric Norton via Beckett.com. 


With Rumors swirling about the potential of Skaar showing up in the MCU via the She Hulk Series on Disney+, buyers are grabbing anything and everything Skaar.  This character has a complicated first appearance history and this book is labeled as the first full appearance in the Marvel Universe by Key Collector Comics. There are two covers for this book and both seem to be selling at an equal pace. 



In the same vein, this book is also taking off due to Skaar news.  This one is labeled as the first appearance of Skaar in the Marvel Universe or the first cameo appearance of Skaar in the Marvel Universe.  Either way this book is in serious demand.  It is another book that shot up from obscurity and is now trading for over $25-30 raw. 



The most talked about book on NCBD was clearly Venom #200 from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman and boy what an ending to that story it was.  But it wasn’t the ending so much as what they started that attracted the interest of the comic market.   Dylan Brock finally took the mantle at the end of the book as the new Venom and his first cameo appearance in this book shot up to over $45 raw. 



Sometimes all it takes for a book to spike is for a popular Youtuber to talk about it.  Very Gary advocated for this book and it seems like his supporters were down with his assessment of this book being undervalued as copies have flown off of eBay in the last few days and raw prices are rising accordingly.  This is a solid play as we know more Lando is coming from Disney. 


This is a book almost under the radar to some this week as the flashy new books tend to grab the attention of the public.  Buyers are still grabbing up this book in any and all grades both raw and slabbed.   A 9.8 Newsstand copy was sold for over $1700 on the Whatnot app by popular Youtuber Comic Man Andy.  The book began at just a $1 auction and the timer was set for just 1 minute. If that isn't an indication of the heat of this book then I don't know what is. 



We have seen two other Skaar entries land on the list so it is no surprise to see his first appearance do so as well.  This book always came with an asterisk as some don't value the What If? Line when it comes to first appearances being that the stories take place outside of continuity.  The last several years have seen a softening of that stance and this book was the benefit of that immediately heating up after a mere rumor. 



There are certain indie comics that just won't go away, whether we are talking Department of Truth, SIKTC, We Live, or pick your favorite series, indie books more than any other can slide under the radar and then pick up major steam due to organic reader buzz.  Stray Dogs is just that type of book.  Yes there are some cool homage covers but this book has one major thing going for it being that anyone who reads it becomes an immediate advocate for it.   That word of mouth breeds success in the comic book market almost every time. 



The spanish credits from Loki Episode 2 may just have tipped the hat at who the perceived Lady Loki at the end of episode 2 truly was as the credits read “Sylvie”.  Sylvie is of course the second Enchantress and the actress portraying the character from the episode really looks spot on.  This has obviously driven up the value of her first appearance as almost nothing can skyrocket a book more than a surprise MCU Debut. 

I previously mentioned that this was the week of Venom and that it can not be underestimated.  Dylan Brock diamond hands investors finally saw their patience pay off as Dylan took the mantle of Venom proclaiming We are Venom! It will be interesting to see where they go from here but Venom #9 featuring Dylan's first full appearance is currently trading for $100 raw and $500 in a 9.8


Did you have any of the books from this week's list? Let us know in the Facebook group and of course be sure to check back next week when Matt Tuck is back with a brand new Top 10. 


Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Consultant, Investor and Influencer. He is a Freelance writer for ONE37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog and the Podcast Host of CBCS Live. 


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