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Frankie's Top 10 Hot Comic Books


A new week means a brand new Top 10 list from Frankie's Comics. This week we have some new releases, some variants, some silver age keys, some volume movers and Power Rangers. 


This is more of a volume recognition as Spawn #9 has been on the move over the last week with copies flying off eBay at a fast rate ranging from $9-15. This is a tough one to judge as print runs are so high but nonetheless is in demand as MCU fans anticipate Angela. 


Around here we usually only talk about the amazing variants (and customer service!) that Kevin and his team provide the community, but this is a ComicXposure Variant that features Silk Jessica Drew and Spider Gwrn together for the first time in the very first Spider Verse crossover issue. This one has raised to $40 of late and I expect it to keep rising. 



This is obviously a monster book which will only continue to rise in popularity as we know Kang is coming. 


Similar to Kang, we knew Abomination was in the way via Tim Roth and She Hulk but with an early trailer appearance for the upcoming Shang Chi film, the community is excited. This one is rising fast.


This week saw the debut of Frank Gogol writing in the Power Rangers Universe. Not only did he kill it and the One Shot was amazing, but two of the variants are on the rise. This 1:25 is trading at a 2x ratio and moving.


A first appearance of a new team usually doesn't move the needle, but couple that with a slower new release week and a low printer book like Black Cat Annual #1 and you have a $15-20 new release book.


Death Issues are always tricky and tend to drop in value. Nonetheless this one was all the NCBD rage and is an easy mid list entry.


The book that only goes up, Stray Dogs continues to win over new fans and have collectors pushing those high sale prices. A CBCS announcement of an upcoming  signing seems to have caused a mini spike in the book this week.


Most weeks this is an easy #1. The post credits scene certainly sent this one flying up in value this week as people are excited for the debut of Kid Loki. Will this be a few week heater or a long term hold? Your guess is as good as mine. 



Coming in strong at #1 and with two different entries on the list (and deservedly so!), Power Rangers Unlimited:  Edge of Darkness #1 was a smash hit as Frank Gogol took his love for the IP and poured it into this Phantom Ranger story. The Chew Variant was a clear hit from the get go but still seemed to be overlooked. Selling for 4x ratio at $200, there is no ignoring it now. 


That's it for another awesome Top 10 this week. Join us next week when Matt Tuck hits you with that 1-2 Punch. And stay tuned to Frankie's Comics for more great content and fire variants. 


Jack DeMayo is an industry  consultant, writer, and podcast host. He works with some of the biggest brands in comics including Whatnot, Skybound Entertainment,  ONE37pm, CBCS and Frankie's Comics 

IG - @aka_mr.bolo

All other socials - @akamrbolo


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