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Frankies Top 10 Comics List

batman department of truth Hawkeye Invincible kraven Miracle Molly Nice House on the Lake

Hello Frankie's Comics community! I am back this week with another Top 10 Comics list. This week we have a little of everything but the lists clear leader is James Tynion. Tynion comes through with not 1, not 2, but 3 books on today's Hot 10! That is an absolutely legendary feat. 


Tynion does it again! No cover A isn't sold out most places but it is going fast. This feels alot like Tynions other books just with a larger print run. The incentive is going foe more than ratio and quite a few exclusives are selling for 2-3x their drop prices. 

A book that is quietly returning to prominence, this issue boasts the 1st cameo of Miracle Molly. Molly looks to be a character who is going to stick around causing prices to rise this week. 9.8 copies of Cover A have risen from $100 to $170 this week. This is a book to lock down now before it raises to Punchline levels. 



With Kraven's 1st appearance priced out of most collectors' realistic hopes, people are turning to the Kraven's Last Hunt story to invest in. Copies are moving and these black covers are tough to acquire in good shape. 


Yara Flor is the clear winner of Future State with her 1st full appearance hitting $25 raw this week. It's interesting to see these gains since we know the CW show was canceled. This is the type of seemingly organic growth that's exciting. 



Black Panther was a hit and I am sure the sequel will as well. But neither of those films is the reason that this Marvel Knights issue is on the move. Word is out that the Dora Mijure and specifically Okoye would be a focal point of the upcoming World of Wakanda TV Series on Disney+ . 


This one I must admit I don't fully get. I understand what this book's significance is, it's been desired for years. But with the recent Sandman Netflix casting, this book seems on the rise. Yet this is Death's 1st DCU appearance which doesn't seem to be related to the Sanman show. I guess rising rides lift all ships. 



While Disney+ customers are ready for Loki coming soon to the streamer, savvy fans know that investing in the next show, Hawkeye, can be a solid play. This issue marks Kate Bishop's 1st solo story and has double in value of late. 



Well, we lost Jupiter's Legacy, but we gained Super Crooks! Set in the same universe as Jupiter Legacy, Super Crooks instead focuses on some super powered villains. Netflix announced this will be the next project release from the Millarworld imprint. This gives a psuedo season two just no Josh Duhmel. 



This one, as crazy as it seems, totally went past  most people this week. 9.8s are up, Cover A  is up, Exclusives are up, and late prints are moving! This book really looks like a juggernaut and completes the Tynion trifecta this week! As much as this book rises in value, I still look at this like a pretty SIKTC explosion point and probably a good buy even at today's market. 



Coming in at the top spot is Invincible #1. This book's potential is extremely promising as we just had season one of the Amazom Prime Animated Series and are headed back for more. This comes in addition to news of a live action film is on its way. All of this info makes this a buy for me.. Two copies broke records this week hitting $7k for a 9.8. For such a low print of a beloved series, be on the lookout for this one as I don't see the price escalation stopping any time soon. 


Do what do you think of this week's list? How many books did you own? What do you think will make next week's list from Matt Tuck? 


Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Investor, Consultant,  and Market Influencer. He is a Freelance writer for ONE37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog as well as the Podcast Co Host of CBCS Live presented by Beckett Media. 

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