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Frankie's Top 10 Comics List

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What's up FrankiesComics.Com?!?! My name is Jack DeMayo Aka Mr. Bolo and I am the newest writer on The Frankie's Comics Blog team. Kevin has tasked me with the special assignment to bring all of you a Top 10 Comics list native to this very site. This isn't a task I take lightly but one I am very excited to begin.  We will be going bi weekly to start,  releasing The Top 10 list of hottest, trending, and most talked about comics in the community today!   



Vision is white hot this week (pun intended) and this incentive variant has seen rising sales and a cleaning out of available copies. This 1:25 incentive is a timely book to list if you have been holding one. Prices are fluid but expect to pay $60-70.

Everyone who knows me knows I am a diehard GI Joe Fan! So you know the announcement of a Lady Jaye centered Amazon Prime TV Series to work within the Paramount/Hasbro Universe had me hyped. I was surprised so many in the comic community finally jumped on the Joe train as this one is moving from $20-75 raw depending on condition. 

The announcement trend was strong this week as we also found out there will be a Blue Beetle film on the way from DC Comics. There is a writer in place and this seems to be moving down the line of production. Both issue #3 (the 1st appearance of Jamie Reyes) and #5 (his 1st as Blue Beetle) are on fire and moving copies. 

In yet another announcement this week, we found out that Department of Truth had a bidding war for it's option rights and the property has now been optioned and is in development. There were strong rumors of this for months and the Key Collector App made note of this well in advance of the announcement. Still, upon announcement ,copies flew off eBay. All covers are moving (1st Print, Late Pint, Incentives, and Exclusives) . People seem to love this series. 


Did you take part in the Comics Vault Live Sale with Big Clutch on Skybound's YouTube Channel and Webstore? I only know a few that got in on it and that's no surprise as print runs on these 9.8 variants were in the $200's. Radiant Black #1 9.8 Tyler Kirkham Silver Foil Exclusives sold for $75 and are moving on eBay for $200-250. Invincible #1 9.8 Red Foil Exclusives also sold for $75 at the sale and they are moving for $250-300 just one month ahead of Invincible's animated debut on Amazon Prime.  Be on the lookout, there is another Comics Vault Live on March 26th, the day Invincible drops on Amazon. 


Staying with Skybound and books printed obscenely low, we have The Walking Dead Deluxe #1-6 David Finch Black and White Incentive Variants. Why pick all 6? I just can't separate them. #1 is printed to about 240 with the others around 200 according to Bleeding Cool. These sold quietly but quickly upon release this week selling for double ratio but completely disappearing.  Someone is now trying to get $1400 for a set! We have a ghost in the making. And one with a huge fan base. 


Everyone is always on the hunt for the "Next Big Thing". This week saw the comic market turn its collective heads and say Rose Besch is next. She is experiencing Peach Momoko heat with this Spider Woman #9 1:25 hitting $200 and buyers already eying her Silk #2 variant. 

Now when an artist takes off, collectors want their early work. With Rose Besch that is simple, there is just one book. That book is Boom! Studios Bee and Puppycat #9. This Kaboom! All ages title already has a built in following and this book wasn't prevalent on the market to begin with. Once resellers went hunting, this book disappeared and prices soared like Gamestop stock. The question is will they fall like it as well? Time will tell. For now this book is moving for $300 and where it goes depends on Besch impending stardom. 

This is easily the hottest title in comics. Having said that, this specific book's heat is largely due to Boom! CEO Ross Richie and his Instagram account. Ross is an extremely accessible CEO who posts content for Boom! Collectors like his "Top 5 Lowest Printed" list. Those posts resulted in fans finding out that this book is the lowest printed SIKTC book released to date. That information instantly made it iconic among SIKTC collectors. This Frison variant has been deemed "The Ghost" by the SIKTC Facebook group with the last raw sale going over $1300 and a confirmed 9.8 slabbed sale at $2500.

This is the clear cut favorite #1 this week in gain, volume, and popularity. I won't go in to to much detail I would instead encourage you to go to Matt Tuck's post on this book right here on FrankiesComics.Com. It is worth a read!  Matt is killing it every week here on Frankie' Blog. 


Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Investor and Influencer. He is also a Freelance writer for one37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog. For more Bolo content, be sure to follow the  following social accounts:

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