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Frankie's Comics Top 10 Trending Comic Books

batman eve fortnite green Lantern green lantern corps monica rambeau ms. marvel something is killing the children spectrum wynd

My name is Jack DeMayo Aka Mr. Bolo and I am the newest writer on The Frankie's Blog team. Kevin has tasked me with the special assignment to bring all of you a Top 10 Comics native to this very site. This isn't a task I take lightly but one I am very excited to begin.  We will be going bi weekly to start,  releasing The Top 10 list of hottest, trending,and most talked about comics in the community today!   




10. Bad Idea seems to be on a bit of a win streak. The limited distribution of their books and encouragement for retailers to sell customers on line wide purchases is almost guaranteeing a new release from Bad Idea will hit these types of lists. 



9. Monica Rambaeu has been a hot character for awhile while at the same time being difficult to speculate on due to her numerous iterations. Now Mighty Avengers #1 gets its day in the spotlight as speculation is abundant that this will be the super hero version of Monica we will get due to the Captain Marvel 2 logo hinting at such. 



8. Wynd has been a long underappreciated series from Boom! Studios.  Now with Wynd returning to store shelves and option rumors swirling, this previous Midtown 75% off sale candidate will fetch you $20 each raw. 



7. This week's casting news of Blake Lively adsthe lead in an upcoming Lady Killer Netflix film saw this one double in price. Between the low print and cult popularity of this series, I like the 1st and 2nd print on this one even post spike. 



6. Eve is a brand new series from Boom! Studios.  While the series looks promising, the heat on this is all about the cover art. This one gives off major Ted / Police Bear Vibes and I love it. 



5. Fortnite books will continue to be on fire as they include a code to unlock an item in the game. This has both comic fans and gamers alike scrambling for new copies. 



4. Previously offered for cover price right here on FrankiesComics.Com. The LCSD Foil 7th Print has quietly rode the SIKTC wave raising to $50 raw and over $200 in a 9.8. 



3. HBO Max finally gave us the first piece to the Green Lantern Corp TV Show with the casting of Guy Gardner. This book has long seemed like one of the most undervalued major Green Lantern keys. 



2. This book has it all. It may be spiking due to Kanan's role in Star Wars : Bad Batch on Disney+ but with Hela, Sabine and Ezra in tow this is a monster waiting to happen. Even at today's high prices I still love this book. 


1. Set pictures have set it off as Ms Marvel has not only hit high dollar figures (and consistently) but also sold several copies in the last week. So there is volume there as well. Not only will we see Kamala Khan in the upcoming titular role in her own Disney+ series, but we can also see her logo in the Captain Marvel 2 logo as well giving us hint of her 1st 2 MCU appearances. 


Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Investor, Influencer and Content Producer.  He is a Freelance Writer for one37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog. Check him out of YouTube every other Friday with CBCS Live: Bolo and The Big Guy on the Beckett Media Channel. For more Bolo content, be sure to follow the  following social accounts:

IG - @aka_mr.bolo

Facebook-  @akamrbolo

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Youtube Channels - Aka Mr. Bolo , Becket Media 

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