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Frankies Comics Top 10 Trending Comic Books

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My name is Jack DeMayo Aka Mr. Bolo and I am the newest writer on The Frankie's Blog team. Kevin has tasked me with the special assignment to bring all of you a Top 10 Comics native to this very site. This isn't a task I take lightly but one I am very excited to begin.  We will be going bi weekly to start,  releasing The Top 10 list of hottest, trending,and most talked about comics in the community today!   



10. With the debut of a brand new Mortal Kombat film hitting theaters and HBO Max alike fans were skeptical of any Mortal Kombat related spec having been burnt in the past. But, it seems good reviews are sending collectors for this #1 issue. Not a first print, but a great option for an MK fan since the 1st appearance of these characters can run you $200-300 raw and is a ghost. 



9. When you look at silver age keys from this era, this book still feels underpriced to me. The Finale of FAWS has this book trending above $75 mid to low grade raw. 



8. War of Realms: NAOA #1 has been a winner almost since debuting on shelves. This week the hook saw a spike in interest I would suspect due to the release and subsequent popularity of the Shamg Chi trailer. 



7. Another book MOVING copies on Friday was Captain America #354. US Agent and Wyatt Russell seem here to stay in the MCU and I think this one will have some legs long term. 



6. Jon Kent is Superman. DC made it official ending Clark's solo title and passing the torch to Tom Taylor and Jonathan Kent. Convergence Superman I'd trending up with sales of $45 raw. Clear those long boxes of cheap copies ladies and gents. 



5. Julia Louis Dreyfuss appearance as Madame Hydra seems imminent and the first appearance of this character appears in #2. This book has been a book who has gotten hot before but with an MCU debut and a big name actress in the role, this one has some long term legs. 



4. As I mentioned earlier the Shang Chi trailer dropped this week and the collective response of comic fans has been : DOPE! . It seems everyone is on board and Special Marvel Edition #15 has become an Instagram darling this week. 




3. Who would have thought that the hottest book from NCBD would be Batman Zero Point? Clearly not retailers, as the supply is not nearly meeting demand. Retailers are reporting dozens of calls from non comic buying customers. This one has real crossover appeal. Do not sleep on Fortnite's massive audience. 



2. The Finale of Falcon ( I mean Captain America) and Winter Soldier gave us what most of us wanted and reports are we are getting more. With the first appearance of Sam as Cap hitting highs, collectors are gravitating this direction as well. 



1. As I mentioned we reportedly have more Captain America coming with an impending 4th film in the franchise. Even though this is the hottest book this week, I honestly see room for growth here. The future is bright foe Captain America.

Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Investor, Influencer and Content Producer.  He is a Freelance Writer for one37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog. Check him out of YouTube debuting 4/30 with CBCS Live: Bolo and The Big Guy on the Beckett Media Channel. For more Bolo content, be sure to follow the  following social accounts:

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