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Frankie's Comics Top 10 Comics List

ghost rider gi joe He Man Injustice Krypto Masters of the Universe Mech Cadet Yu Peach Momoko snake eyes Wool

Welcome to another Frankie's Comics Top 10. I am truly enjoying hitting you with a 1 -2 alongside the talented Matt Tuck. This week gives us a little of everything from NCBD to vintage, Cover A to Incentives, Animated Films to Video Game spec, this list has something for everyone. Here is this week's Top 10 Comics.



A book that has seen its share of option news, some new info that Wool is headed to Apple TV has this book again spiking on the secondary market. This is not an easy book to find but I have some lingering doubts about Apple TV ability to penetrate the crowded streaming space. 


This entry is more about volume of sales as it is a rise in price as DC Presents #47 has been hot product moving copies on the 'Bay. Kevin Smith sharing screen shots of the upcoming Netflix Anime coupled with the hype for the Dark Horse comic series has people thinking Masters of the Universe now so copies are moving. 


Mech Cadet Yu is getting a slight name change but becomes yet another Boom! Studios property making option news as we now know an animated series is heading to Netflix. Cover A is the crowd favorite but also Bolo on that Transformers Homage Variant for #1 as well. 



Yet another Zero Point issue drops, yet another Top 10 entry. It's almost like the speculation community just won't give this one its due. Yet another release, issue 3 to be exact, to reasease and hit 3x return almost immediately.  The utility of these codes in each issue will keep this series in demand. 



In other video game news, we found out this week that Tom Taylor's Injustice Universe is going to see an Animated Feature Film adaptation of the story that inspired 2 video games and multiple comic series. This has Injustice #1 from the 1st volume on the move. 



Whether we like them or not, Late printing incentives seem like they are here to stay. While the 1st Print 1st appearance of Bane's daughter has cooled a bit, this 2nd print incentive is trading at almost 3x ratio. I personally dig Cover A's cover art a good bit more but in the short term the scarcity factor trumps all in the incentives favor. 



This is probably the sneakiest hot book as it is one I still don't hear a lot of people in the community talking about. This issue features the first appearance of Snake Eyes Unmasked. The Snake Eyes Trailer leaned exclusively on shots of a non costumed Snake Eyes causing this book to rise greatly in price and for copies to fly offline. 



Rumors have again spiked this 90s era Marvel key as reports of a Midnight Sons feature film have speculators in buy mode with this book again. This is another book that has seen the stages of the spec cycle once or twice before. Will this be the time investors Hit it big? Time will tell. 


Fantagraphics had one of their most successful releases in years with Ed Piskor's Red Room #1 and its 1:20 incentive was "THE" book of NCBD soaring to more than 4x ratio. Momoko is qt the top of the art world (and a Frankie's favorite!) And Piskor has a loyal following making this one a winning combo.  


We have known for some time that a Legion of Super Pets Animated Feature Film was coming, but this week's casting of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gave the project major validity in the market's eyes. While this isn't Krypto (whom The Rock will be voicing) 1st, it is the team's 1st. This book has unlimited potential and still may be sitting in boxes undervalued as we speak. 

Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Investor and Influencer. He is a Freelance writer for one37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog and the Podcast Host of CBCS Live. 

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