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90s Comic Books On The Rise (Part 2)

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Whats up Frankie's Comics faithful, I am back again with another list of books to be on the lookout for from the 1990s. This time , we are looking at Marvel Comics and 10 1st appearances that hit shelves in the 90s. Many of these characters have long been slept on but with the nostalgia train running full steam ahead, we could soon see some changes. 



  1. Slapstick #1. Slapstick is as his name implies, a silly and ridiculous character. At the same point, that is exactly what makes him intriguing and full of possibilities. His run with Deadpool gave the character second life. I could see him showing up in other media one day. 


  1. Force Works #1. Force works came at a time when Marvel loved running out new teams. But the thing that makes Force Works intriguing  is its inclusion of John Walker, US Agent as well as its focus on natural disasters. This team would give the MCU a whole different look. 


  1. Infinity Gauntlet #1. While many people may be ready to move on from Thanos and the Gauntlet but I believe this will be a timeless book and story. This issue and cover will always have a connection to the MCU and a time in pop culture history. 

  1. Thor #411. The New Warriors are yet another team that debuted in the 90s and was soon forgotten.  Their inclusion in some major comic storyline make me curious to see whether this team will be used in future MCU arcs. 


  1. New Mutants #100. While I know this book has a high print run and the X Force were previously used in Deadpool  2, the MCU had yet to get their hands on the team. This could be a great way to use Deadpool going forward. It will be interesting to see but a cheap grab either way and a classic issue. 

  1. Ghost Rider #1. The 1st appearance of Danny Ketch, Ghost Rider #1 is the debut of a whole new generation's version of Ghost Rider. Much like Wally West,  Ketch took the mantle of a popular character and brought in a whole new fanbase in the 90s. While he may not ever be viewed as THE Ghost Rider, Ketch could see his turn in the spotlight again if Disney wanted to tell the story of multiple Ghost Riders. 


  1. Uncanny X Men #318. In a list filled with Super teams, Generation X is one that gets my attention the most. This issue is dirt cheap and available all over the place and features a whole new generation of X characters taking center stage. This is a really long term play but the buy in and ROI potential are attractive.  

  1. Darkhawk #1. This is one of the most popular books in 90s history. I have long been on record saying that Darkhawk is 100% my favorite all time character. While Powell may have recently died in the comics and is soon to be replaced at the mantle, his run as Darkhawk is iconic for its notorious social media presence amongst collectors at the very least. 


  1. X Men #4. This is an obvious one and certainly a book that has taken off already. But it's popularity to me only indicates the potential among this generations comic fans for Omega Red to really make an impact on the hobby when and if he shows up in the MCU. This is a book that continues to rise. 

  1. Inhumans #5. With a Black Widow movie about to debut in theaters and Scarlett Johanson's character dying in Endgame, Yelena seems poised to take over the tile of Black Widow. If she is the long term answer to the role this book would really have unlimited potential.  

So there you have it, 20 Bolo's in two lists of great books from the 90s to Be On the LookOut for. It's amazing to see an era that was known for overproduction and a market crash. Thank you to Jason for collaborating on this two part piece with me. Be sure to follow him @thecomicbookhunter on IG. What are your favorite 90s books? We would love to hear from you. 

Jack DeMayo is a Comic Book Investor and Influencer. He is a Freelance writer for one37pm and Frankie's Comics Blog and the Podcast Host of CBCS Live. 


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