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Star Wars: Crimson Reign #5 Tyler Kirkham

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Star Wars: Crimson Reign #5

  • Artist Tyler Kirkham
  • Trade dress
  • Virgin
  • All raw comics will be 9.2 or better in grade
  • Unlimited comics shipped for $8.99 USA & $25 International
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Books will ship out in JULY, 2022. CGC books will ship out four months after release. There are no cancellations on this offering. All raw comics will be 9.2 or better.

"THE SCARLET QUEEN" LADY QI'RA has used every tool at her disposal to generate chaos in the Galactic Empire, all to further her goal of eradicating the Sith. But as the final phase of Qi'ra's grand plan is revealed, she is about to learn a lesson that the Jedi Order also came to understand… Underestimate EMPEROR PALPATINE and pay the price.

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