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Gumaa #1 Leirix Li Variant

Gumaa #1 Leirix Li Variant

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Gumaa #1

  • Artist Leirix Li
  • Virgin
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Gumaa: The Beginning of Her

Khalida was trapped in the 1980s, a world of drugs and prostitution. LUCIEL controls her world. Surviving involves so many choices; as those around her give in to the pressures of this Hell, Khalida tries to buy their way out the crime syndicate known as LUCIEL, her masters.

What decision does Khalida make that leads to Her Beginning, the Gumaa, and provides Her the power to Fight back against the demons roaming the streets at the turn of the century?

Crime Noir meets Horror to take you on an exciting, complex journey with fast-paced flow. It is a dark and supernatural drama.

With covers, story and layouts by Jeehyung Lee. The pages were penciled and inked by Nabetse Zitro. The panels were colored and lettered by Jeehyung.

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